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September 4th and 5th          PD Day – all staff in school
September 6th                         First day of term for students
September 27th                       GCSE Theatre Trip – Dr J & Mr H
September 28th                       Theatre Trip – The Kite Runner
October 9th                               School Leadership Elections
October 16th                             London ‘Big Day Out’ inc’ Gamelan Workshop
October 18th                             Skills and Careers Show, Ipswich
November 10th                         Bowling Match vs The Hundon Group
December 14th                         Seasonal Music Extravaganza
December 19th                         LAST DAY OF TERM
  • Broadlands Hall School
  • Little Wratting, Nr Haverhill, Suffolk. CB9 7UA
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1440 702559
  • Email: head@broadlands-hall.co.uk

A very warm welcome to Broadlands Hall School.

Our mission is to help students thrive, to achieve the very best they can and to be happy. Our students are challenged via a personalised curriculum to achieve their full potential socially, academically and vocationally. We value every student, celebrate their unique abilities, recognise every achievement and our aim is to help them graduate and go on to be as independent as possible and make a valuable contribution to the community in which they live.


  • Ofsted are impressed – say the Press!

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  • Letter from the House of Commons

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  • October 2017 Newsletter

    BROADLANDS HALL SCHOOL  October 2017 What’s NEW?                                                                                                                            The new academic year is already full of opportunity and learning. We have new work experience partners, new mainstream school partnerships and new staff. Paul Gardiner joins us as a Lead Teacher, with the specialisms of English and Drama.  Apart from preparing our GCSE and Functional Skills […]

  • Ofsted News – Summer 2017

    Dear Parents and Carers, As you may be aware, we, along with all other special Schools, are now evaluated against exactly the same criteria as mainstream schools under ‘The Common Inspection Framework’. Whilst this exacting and universal criteria has led to many excellent Special Schools being ‘down-graded’ and many educationalists have protested that it is […]

  • Our Fantastic LSAs – Julie Harris

    After a career that included teaching pre-schoolers and supervising support teams delivering personal services for adults with learning difficulties and autism, Julie joined Broadlands Hall School three years ago. In that time she was worked across the school, assisting some of our most vulnerable and challenging sixth-formers, helping them achieve places in supported living accommodation […]

  • Reach for the Stars – coming soon

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  • Neil Paterson – Our Fantastic LSAs

      We continue our series of profiles about our Fantastic LSAs, with a look into the background and considerable talents of Neil Patterson. Neil is still one of the ‘new-boys’, having joined us last September, fresh from the Police Force. Following a distinguished, thirty-year career as a Police Sargent, where he lead a team in […]

  • Our Fantastic LSAs

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  • February 2017 Newsletter

    Dear Parents and Carers, It’s going to be WICKED! Next half-term is brimming over with events and learning activities. Students will learn about Business and Enterprise by visiting the Innocent (Drinks) offices in London. This is UNIQUE to us (they don’t give school tours) and I am sure the boys will be inspired by their […]

  • December 2016 Newsletter

    Dear Parents and Carers,   Reflecting on the past term at Broadlands Hall, I’m struck by just how amazing our students and staff are.  I recently observed an indoor bowling match between our boys and local senior citizens; what was happening was extraordinary.  All of the students, with their wide ranging needs and fears, were […]

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