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Neil Paterson – Our Fantastic LSAs


We continue our series of profiles about our Fantastic LSAs, with a look into the background and considerable talents of Neil Patterson. Neil is still one of the ‘new-boys’, having joined us last September, fresh from the Police Force. Following a distinguished, thirty-year career as a Police Sargent, where he lead a team in charge of finding solutions to anti-social behaviour and other youth orientated issues in Suffolk. Neil took early retirement in order to pursue his passion for working more directly with young people. Fortunately for us, he chose to pursue that passion at Broadlands Hall School.

‘Each day is a new day presenting fresh challenges but I always go home with a feeling of achievement. I love my job at Broadlands.’

In addition to the extensive people skills and understanding of young people that Neil amassed in the force, he is also certified by the Swimming Teachers Association to coach swimming and award certificates. He taught young people with Autism and other Special Needs in Bury St Edmunds, as a volunteer, whilst in the Police Force and it was this experience that inspired his desire to work in our sector.

As many of our students enjoy swimming as part of their physical education diet, this is a real bonus for the school.

Currently, Neil is also studying for a Level 3 LSA (SEN) qualification, which he will finish later this year.

No matter whether he is teaching   Shakespeare, facilitating a PE session or coaching swimmers, Neil’s calm authority and genuine compassion enables him to really connect with our boys.

If all of that were not enough, Neil has found time to create a family of his own: no less than four children aged between 23 and 11 are lucky enough to have him as their Dad.

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