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Resources and Learning Systems at Broadlands Hall include:

  1. Communicate in Print (CIP): this computer software symbol programme enables teachers to build visual resources to help students acquire and develop language and share feelings and ideas.
  2. Makaton: this signing system gives non-verbal students a means of communicating with those around them whilst also helping them develop oral ability. All staff are trained to use Makaton thereby creating an inclusive community of learning.
  3. Social stories and comic strip conversations: we create these to explain any situation arising to help understanding. They can be used to explore emotional and friendship issues, aspects related to puberty and growing-up and right and wrong behaviour.
  4. Comic-strip statements: personalised rules and recommendations serve as visual reminders to students regarding focus behaviours and personal targets.
  5. Sound Foundations: a reading and writing system used to help students who require extra special help with the understanding how written words work.
  6. The Incredible 5-point Scale (Kari Dunn Buron): helps develop emotional awareness and empowers students to understand and control their reactions and behaviours.
  7. Mymaths, Mathsletics and Spelling Pods: interactive computer-based learning programmes that enable students to practise their computer use skills as well as direct the pace of their learning and thus build independence.
  8. Daily life therapy: this approach puts an emphasis on group physical activities on the basis that structured group physical activity makes socialisation easier for students who find social (unstructured) activity difficult.
  9. Mind Reading: using an encyclopaedia of photographs of human emotions, students study emotions in a systematic way, which suits those students with high level systemising skills.
  10. BTEC and ASDAN programmes of study along with internal qualification assessment by our own teachers.
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