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Ofsted News – Summer 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware, we, along with all other special Schools, are now evaluated against exactly the same criteria as mainstream schools under ‘The Common Inspection Framework’. Whilst this exacting and universal criteria has led to many excellent Special Schools being ‘down-graded’ and many educationalists have protested that it is unfair, we welcomed the new demands.

If you are familiar with my newsletters, you will know that Broadlands Hall students are rigorously challenged to be the best that they can be and that our expectations for behaviour, including respect and compassion for others, are set high. Ofsted now evaluate schools against four specific categories. For us, ‘personal development’ and ‘welfare’ are absolutely and vitally what we want to achieve for our students. The acid test though is whether we have been successful or whether this just interesting rhetoric. Could our students be evaluated, by impartial strangers, side-by-side with the best mainstream students in the land and could we be pitted against those same schools in terms of the support and welfare we provide?   Ofsted came to see and judge us last month and a copy of their final report is attached. Here are just a few noteworthy comments from the report.

Personal development and welfare are outstanding.
Relationships are excellent. Staff demonstrate expertise, endless patience and understanding when teaching.
Pupils appreciate the enriched curriculum and the safe, stimulating environment provided for them.


Behaviour is managed exceptionally well
The behaviour of pupils is outstanding
Teaching is based firmly on gaining a full understanding of individual pupil’s social, emotional and behavioural needs.
Good teaching enables pupils to make good progress … the teaching of pupils of low ability is exceptional.Pupils appreciate the enriched curriculum and the safe, stimulating environment provided for them.

As Ofsted have confirmed, we are a very good school indeed full of OUTSTANDING students!

I have attached a copy of the full report and of course it will shortly be accessible from Ofsted’s own website. I won’t dilute this newsletter with other information but I will write to you again at the end of term with a full round up of all the many inspirational, challenging and joyous events that the boys have involved in this year.

Thank you: for your support, for your trust and of course, for giving us the wonderful and enriching opportunity to work with these astonishing young men.

Kind regards,


Hazel Simmons



Important Dates

Awards and Sports Day                                   June 16th

Last day of the Summer Term                        July 21st

Students back to school                                  September 6th


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