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October 2017 Newsletter


What’s NEW?                                                                                                                           

The new academic year is already full of opportunity and learning. We have new work experience partners, new mainstream school partnerships and new staff. Paul Gardiner joins us as a Lead Teacher, with the specialisms of English and Drama.  Apart from preparing our GCSE and Functional Skills students for examination, Paul will be heading up an Action Research Project investigating how drama interventions can help children with Autism to progress.

We are working closely with three mainstream schools and a local college to provide some of our students access to a wider range of GCSE options, to team sports and vocational training in construction and motor engineering. This year, six of our students are enjoying the wide range of inclusive opportunities these relationships provide.  The most able students are thus able to study a fantastic range of optional examination subjects, as well as the core subjects delivered in-house.

We have also extended the range of work experiences available.  Latest projects include work with the local food bank, the YMCA charity shop and a garden nursery: the boys appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves plus the reports back from employers are positively glowing!


Once again we hosted a coffee ‘afternoon’ this year. Not only did we raise over £120 for Macmilan’s but we were treated to some amazing confectionary creations. Students were invited to bake a ‘show-stopper’ to be judged in the ‘Great Broadlands Bake-Off’,  presided over by some of our local senior citizens. After the competition, the cakes were sliced and sold for the enjoyment of all.  Events such as this also give the students a chance to show off their fantastic hospitality skills.

At Broadlands Hall, we take attendance very seriously. Some students, before coming to Broadlands Hall, have had difficulty keeping to a full school programme and we work hard to re-engage them. It is worth reporting that Ofsted, last term, commended us on our students’ attendance, with the vast majority achieving 100% for the academic year, significantly above the national average for any school in the UK. We try to make ‘work fun and fun work’, and the enthusiasm with which everyone returned to school at the beginning of term would appear to indicate this strategy is successful!



Homework is a vital component in the development of young people, enabling them to demonstrate independence and personal thinking skills. For our KS3 and KS4 students is absolutely vital to give them the best chance of maximising examination success. Thus, all students are set weekly Homework, at a level that matches their ability. We would welcome you support in emphasising the importance of this activity.

Arts Adventures

The Arts has been well catered for this term with some students participating in a trip to see Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, others to see an emotive performance of The Kite Runner, while a ‘coming soon’ performance of Peter Pan promises to thrill the remainder of our students. In addition, as you may be aware, we run an official film club supported by Cineworld and have just acquired free tickets for students to see a variety of movies locally (all supported with curriculum learning resources) from Dunkirk to The Nut Job 2.

An absolutely amazing Gamelan workshop, hosted by the LSA at The Barbican Centre, was enjoyed by many this term : a real treat.

We obviously take Safeguarding very seriously and have clear policies in place to ensure that staff and visitors understand the importance of safeguarding. If you would like to read more please check-out the Policies section on the school website.


Comprehensive Therapies

As well as Music plus Speech and Language, we are excited to welcome Karen Bowden, Occupational Therapist, to the team this year. She is working one-to-one with students, assessing their needs and creating sensory strategies to best aid their development and progress. Karen’s reports will be sent out to parents and carers at the end of the term and contain ideas that can be used at Home.

Education, Health and Care Plans

At some point this academic year, you will be invited to attend an ECHP meeting and/or Annual Review meeting. These are very important as they track your child’s progress and to see if your child is receiving the level of support needed.

Student Leadership Elections

As part of our Citizenship, Britishness and Democracy programme, students campaigned and voted for student leadership positions this term. The boys put a great deal of thought and effort into the campaigns and the results were greeted with great enthusiasm by all. I am proud to announce the following positions:

Health and Safety Officers – Jordan and Tony

Charities Captain – Conner

Sports Captain – Dennis

Accessibility Captain – Jacob

Student Union Leader – Kai

Transport Manager – Matthew


Autumn term

Half term: Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October

PD DAY (School Closed): Monday 30 October

Tuesday 31 October to Wednesday 20 December

Monday 19 February to Thursday 29 March


Spring term

PD DAY (School Closed): 3 January

Tuesday 4 January to Friday 9 February

Half term: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February


Christmas Musical Extravagance: all welcome

14 December at 1:30pm







































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